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BE AND IT WILL BE is a method to Evolution and Personal Development which integrates a new language and applies to this new wondrous era we are privileged to live in. This method helps us advance into the next shift of consciousness where we will experience life as we have never before...


Ronny Hatchwell

Ronny Hatchwell was born in Israel and at the age of three months left with her parents to Rhodesia (today Zimbabwe) in Africa until she was 9. The family then left for London where she has had most of her schooling . Both English and Hebrew are her mother tongues.

Divorced and mother to 2 beautiful children now married with children of their own, Ronny is free to travel and deliver her method to all who wish to change their lives for the better ..

Hatchwell studied contract law at college level and made Aliya in 1977, when she married and had two children.

She spent 25 years in the the local Music Industry and filled managerial positions, her last position being that of CEO EMI Music Publishing, Israel.

She engaged in music copyright and represented International

catalogs and Artists in Israel as well as marketing music to films and commercials around the world and managed all EMI Music Publishing assets in Israel.

In her capacity Hatchwell Instigated and exported Israeli Writers/Artists abroad such as David D’or and Ivri Lider and interacted  between writers such as Amir Binayun and Jeff Lynn

She set a precedent in the local music copyrights arena with regards to

Internet Brands advertising and incorporating music copyrights

Hatchwell sat on the ACUM board for a few years representing the publishers

As of today and because of her passion to bring peace among the people’s of nations Hatchwell now holds the  position of Industry Relations Manager as part of the wonderful organisation called Creative Community For Peace who advocate building bridges through the Arts and Music.

Her current position is that of securing sound relationships with Local and Foreign Artist management and the Artists in the hope of creating a community that will help enhance the need for Peace across the borders. “We believe that the only chance left for there to be real peace is dialogue and building trust between people.”

Artists have an advantage on the rest of us as they convey their art and music over the media and venues  and so reach millions of ardent fans… We all enjoy the Arts and music which we are exposed to over the internet , the only borderless virtual world…We all enjoy Chinese, Italian Ethiopian foods - We travel and experience other nations culture and yet we are at war …Politics don’t work – Governments spend billions of dollars on war but and do not invest in Peace.

It is up to us the people to do so through bonding and finding ways to connect..

Hatchwell’s main hat is as Mentor for her method called  BE AND IT WILL BE  based on her two books in Hebrew and in English.

Ronny travels around the globe giving workshops that guide people to live in peace within themselves and allow a discovery into their own journey. Her forte are workshops within the Entertainment arena.. Most courses given to Artists/writers/Actors are practical PR however Hatchwell discovered that if the student doesn't accept him/herself and forgive the past then no amount of media coverage or digital marketing will make it happen.. Her three stage workshop brings that student to a new and clear slate where there are no ties to the past and alls that left is a meeting place between him/herself and his/her gifts.



You are always you experiencing You



In this particular Era, when we are racing against the clock, Ronny brings us a method that allows us to live in peace and serenity in all areas of our lives.

The method is based on the belief that we create our world through our FEELINGS  and experience of it.

This is a cleansing method on three levels that allows for a new meeting place within ourselves and in that new experiences , living in the NOW and not the automatic past beliefs.

Ronny spent most of her working years in the Music Industry and her last position was that of CEO EMI Music Publishing Israel.

Ronny has up kept her relationships with Artists around the world and has developed a special workshop for  the creative community.


Ronny's Doodles - Enlightenment through art
Ronny's Doodles are a collection of prints and original work in a limited edition of Mentor Ronny Hatchwell. Hatchwell  developed the Be and it will Be method taught through out the world and is based on her best selling book by the same name.

This blessed art which was channeled, gives the viewer the opportunity to receive a message inspired by the Art at its time of conception and creation.

Ronny's Doodles collection of art can be for the home, office or your loved ones as a special gift.

Ronny's Doodles gives you the grace of messages through art which speaks straight to the heart and emotion.

Our art comes in high-quality matte print on canvas or poster paper __ __ __ sizes with the original signature of Ronny Hatchwell. The Art can be home delivered or  collected by oneself.
* Orders and purchase are placed in advance in  prints of any size 
* You can purchase and reserve originals directly accompanied by enlightened messages received by Ronny.


To book an appointment or purchase an artwork you can use the Contact form at the bottom of the page



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